Kitting is the packaging of components to provide a complete “kit” of materials that are required for assembly or installation. AmplusWave can develop special packaging for a few items or we can kit, crate and ship large components.

Kits Can be Built to Stock or to Order

AmplusWave has the experience in developing kitting operations for large customers who require assembly, storage and shipment of thousands of kits in a single month, to requirements as small as several components for a specific installation. At AmplusWave, we offer a wide range of innovative kitting services that help our customers get the job done while saving time and money. 

Customer Benefits

• Reduce administrative costs of ordering a large number of components from multiple sources

• Reduce internal labor costs associated with the procurement, logistics and installation of material

• Improve customer service levels internally and externally

• Reduce returns and shrinkage

• Place orders for a group of products made by multiple manufacturers with one catalog number

• Avoid delays — all items ship together

• Save money through reduced administrative costs, leveraged buying and reduced receiving costs

• Reduce cost of labor spent on non-installation activities

This Process Can Be Performed For:

Electrical contractors, communication contractors, commercial business, industrial business and the government. 

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