A wide range of obstacles stand between you and your goal of enhancing the cellular & data coverage within the confines of your establishment. Aspects such as wall thickness & density, available cable run space, broadband coverage concentration. Providing coverage to underground areas, staircases, remote parking lots and parking garages is also something to factor in when designing your DAS System.

Featured Applications
  • Industrial
  • Sports Arenas & Other Large Venues
  • Corporate, Educational Institutions & Campuses
  • Public Safety Facilities
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Retail

Multi-story building's present different challenges than single level structures to include whether or not to chose COAX cable instead of fiber and how and where to divi out the remote units to optimize your investment all while staying compliant to all of your local building codes.

Engineering services are typically utilized to help map out the indoor space in question to determine what equipment will be needed and to design the schematic of the cable runs and the location of splitters, Access Points and other key equipment.

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