12VDC DEKA SOLAR 265 Amp Hr Battery (1 EACH)

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DEKA's 8G8D-T975 Gel 12 VDC 265 Ah 100 hr rate gelled electrolyte battery. Sealed valve regulated, 3/8 in heavy-duty L terminals. Operating temperature -22 deg. F – +122 deg. F
Technical Specs

  • Manufacturer: Deka
  • Float Voltage Per Cell: 2.25 V
  • Battery Terminal Type: Flag Terminal, 5-16" hole
  • HAZMAT UN Number: UN2794
  • HAZMAT Class: Class 8: Corrosive
  • Hazmat Description: Corrosive
  • Proper Shipping Name: Batteries, Wet, Filled with Acid
  • HAZMAT Packing Group: N/A

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