20-60V - 24 Volt / 50 Amp Isolated Site Converter (1 EACH)

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DC site converter is designed to deliver 50 A of power when converting from 48 or 24 VDC input to 12 VDC output. Input voltage range is 20 – 60 VDC. Fits standard 19 in equipment rack with adjustable mounting position. Remote alarm and remote alarm shutdown contacts provided. Output voltage can be adjusted from 25.0 – 29.0 VDC using the front accessible trim pot.
Technical Specs

  • Nominal DC Output Voltage: 24 V
  • Manufacturer: ICT
  • DC Input Voltage: 24 V
  • Maximum Continuous Amperage: 48 A
  • DC Input Voltage Range: 20-60 V
  • Qty/ Uom: 1 Each
  • Ground Polarity : Negative
  • Item Width: 19 in
  • Maximum Intermittent Amperage: 50 A

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