72" Battery Cable Assembly #2AWG NG (1 EACH)

Sale price$213.49



CARBER POWER 72" Battery Cable Assembly for neg ground systems. Red and Black Red: 5/16" Single Hole Lug both sides Black: 5/16" Single Hole Lug to 1/4 Doub

Technical Specs:
  • Wire Gauge: #2
  • Manufacturer: Carber Power Technologies
  • Color: Red, Red, Black, Black
  • Cable Length: 6 ft
  • Qty/ Uom: 1 Each
  • Lug Ends: 1/4 in Double Hole, 1/4 in Double Hole, 5/16 in Single Hole, 5/16 in Single Hole
  • Wire Type: SuperFlex

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