Indoor BDA PS8NEPS +27 dBm UL/ +30 dBm DL

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The G-Wave BDA-PS8NEPS-27/30-80-C, 80dB indoor bi-directional amplifier extends the coverage area of radio communications in buildings and RF shielded environments. It features low noise figure and wide dynamic range. The design is based on a duplexed path configuration with sharp out of band attenuation allowing improved isolation between the receiving and transmitting paths. This repeater has 27dBm composite output and is housed in a non-NFPA compliant enclosure.

Technical Specs

  • Composite Power Uplink; 27 dBm
  • Item Width: 13.89 in
  • Noise; 5dB
  • RF Connectors: N Female
  • Uplink Frequencies; 806-816 MHz
  • Item Weight: 35 lb
  • Downlink Frequencies: 851-861 MHz
  • Bands Supported: 800 SMR/PS
  • Item Length; 6.7 in
  • Gain Adjustment Range (dB); 0 to 30 in 2 dB steps
  • Gain: 80 dB
  • Item Height; 18.1 in
  • Qty/ Uom: 1 Each
  • Composite Power Downlink: 30 dBm
  • Manufacturer: G-Wave

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