Magnum 6KL Configurable Managed Edge Switch(1 EACH)

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MAGNUM's 6KL managed edge switch, base unit with four 10/100 copper ports in slot A. 12 VDC power supply input. Up to four (4) 100 Mb fiber ports or up to four (4) more 10/100 copper ports (or combinations) may also be configured, and up to 2 Gb ports. Heavy duty metal case, IP52 for environmental protection, no fans.

The 6KL offers an additional module opening for a variety of other ports for connectivity. You can select from up to four (4) 100 Mb fiber ports (SC, ST, LC, and MTRJ), four (4) 10 Mb fiber ST ports, or up to four (4) more 10/100 copper ports (or combinations) may also be configured. Up to 2 Gb ports are optional. Also available are compatible SFP modules and a variety of mounting options.

The Magnum 6KL is ideal for building a switched, hardened Ethernet network infrastructure, connecting edge devices such as PLCs and IEDs with upstream switches or routers. Designed for use in industrial and heavy duty outdoor applications such as industrial video surveillance systems with PoE, power utility substations, traffic control and transportation facilities, tariffed carrier field facilities, or oil and gas, the hardened Magnum 6KL handles stressful workloads.

Technical Specs

  • Network User Port Types: RJ45
  • Maximum 1 GbE Ports: 0
  • Description: Magnum 6KL configurable managed edge switch. Base unit with four 10/100 copper ports. 12VDC PS. HD metal case, 2 alarm contacts.
  • Number of PoE+ Ports: 0
  • Qty/ Uom: 1 Each
  • Device Mounting Type: 19 in Rack
  • Power Source Type: DC
  • Number of PoE Ports: 0
  • Manufacturer: GarrettCom
  • Managed: Yes
  • Number of User Ports6
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40-85 deg C

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