Pro 1100 50 ohm w/500’ Wilson Plenum Spool

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The WilsonPro Pro 1100 is part of the next generation professional-grade cell signal amplification technology for Wilson Electronics. The Pro 1100 is a surprisingly powerful cell phone signal amplifier—capable of transmitting a 4 dB stronger cellular signal back to the tower for always reliable cellular connectivity. This is twice the power of our competition. This added capacity makes the Pro 1100 ideal for large homes, medical offices, commercial buildings, and retail spaces up to 35,000 sq-ft in coverage area. Designed to reach far away cell towers, the WilsonPro Pro 1100's maximum uplink power provides 25 dBm of available output. The Pro 1100 features a modern, intuitive design for easier antenna connection—placing each indoor and outdoor antenna port on top of the amplifier itself. The exposed mounting flange found on the amplifier unit's corners make for simple and clean wall-mount installation.

Boosts cellular signal in buildings up to 35,000 sq-ft FCC-approved and works with all major US mobile carrier networks. Maximum uplink power of 25 dBm, downlink power up to 15 dBm. Built-in XDR technology to prevent overload/shutdown from signal. Onboard software to auto adjust gain to current signal environment. Ability to turn off specific frequency bands. Color LCD touch screen for greater control and usability of Pro 1100. Modern, intuitive amplifier design for ease of wall-mount installation. Choice of 50 Ohm "N" or 75 Ohm "F" connectors per cable preference.

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