RAD IPmux-1E 4 FXO Ports UTP interface(1 EACH)

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The Ipmux-1E model number IPMUX-1E/AC/4FXO/UTP TDM Pseudowire Access Gateway is a 1U chassis with an AC power supply, four analog FXO ports and 10/100BaseT network port.

The IPmux-1E TDM Pseudowire Access Gateway provides legacy services over packet networks. The device converts the data stream from its user E1/T1, analog telephone or ISDN ports into packets for transmission over the network. The frame format of these packets is IP or Ethernet. These packets are transmitted via the IPmux-1E Ethernet network port to the PSN. A remote pseudowire device converts the packets back to the original user traffic format. A powerful internal Layer-2 Ethernet switch provides a user Ethernet port with rate limiting and port-based VLAN tagging capabilities. The device supports standard IP features, such as ICMP (ping), ARP, next hop and default gateway.

IPmux applications examples include a point-to-point application extending analog phone service to a remote PBX, and providing LAN-to-LAN communication over a shared fiber optic or UTP cable; and a multi-tenant office building where a variety of legacy TDM services (ISDN, E1/T1, and analog phones) are provided by IPmux-1E units connected to IPmux-16 and Megaplex-2100 with ML-IP via the packet-switched network.

Technical Specs

  • User Ports: 4
  • Multiplexer Interface Types: FXO
  • Manufacturer: RAD Data Communications
  • Multiplexer Connectors: RJ45
  • Qty/ Uom: 1 Each
  • Redundant Power Supplies: No
  • Description: The IPMUX-1E/AC/4FXO/UTP TDM Pseudowire Access Gateway is a 1U chassis with an AC power supply.
  • Network Ports: 1

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