VHF 70dB gain, 32Ch, 24dBm BDA

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Fiplex offers Class A, digital repeaters for VHF Commercial and Public Safety applications. These repeaters are software programmable and each channel passband can be set for 90, 45, 30, 20 or 15kHz bandwidth. Gain is individually adjustable in both the UL and DL paths within a specified 2 MHz UL and DL pass band. The repeater is self-diagnostic and has a built in spectrum analyzer. The DH124-004 is a 12 channel digital repeater operating in 136-174 MHz range, with 70dB of gain and provides 24dBm of UL & 24dBm DL composite power. NFPA compliant. SPECIFY 2 MHZ UL AND DL PASS BAND WHEN ORDERING.

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